We aim to be the bridge between scientific & medical communities and the consumer who is looking for all-natural, safe and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. Driven by personal and family health issues we saw a need for high-quality cannabis oils. Based in Brooklyn New York, we began developing our product lineup in 2016 and have continued our research & product development ever since. 

The Problems

The marketplace is saturated with heavily-marketed products that feature insignificant dosing, relying on the placebo effect. Consumers end up wasting money and are disappointed by the product’s results. This lowers the chance of recurring sales and can hurt the consumer’s trust in the retail location where they obtained it. 
“Consumers are becoming cautious of the garbage CBD-products that are sold in local gas-stations, smoke-shops, and bodegas.”


The CBD-based products are not-yet regulated and existing companies have not been required to do any testing for active ingredients or contaminants. Now, there are news stories unveiling products and companies that use false/misleading dosing and oftentimes contain harmful toxins. 

Many companies are using artificial ingredients that a consumer would not want in a health & wellness product. This is why we don’t use ANY artificial ingredients and have a Standard-Setting company policy that requires us to test every batch of products with reputable independent laboratories. Besides testing for the active ingredients such as Cannabinoids and Terpenes, we don’t sell any products unless the laboratories confirm that the batch does not contain any Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, or Microbacteria.


Consumers count on us to set new standards in quality and efficiency. When our clients feel the results, they tend to refer us to their family and friends. We aim to continue the expansion of our recurring-client base; with people who find our products beneficial month after month, year after year.