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CBD Tinctures: Understanding Your Dose

Most people are not aware of the dosing they have taken or are taking. It is important to understand that “One Dropper-Full” or ‘“10 Drops” is NOT a dose. A dose is an amount of active ingredients, measured in milligrams (mg) taken in a serving size. To know what dose you are actually taking you should read the information on your bottle and do some simple math:
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Boosting Your Immune System

Covid-19 has turned our world upside down. While public health experts, political officials, doctors and scientists grapple with the novel coronavirus, we lay-people are left with the feeling that our health is out of our control. And while it’s true that the mysteries of Covid-19 are still being unraveled, there is an aspect of our health that we may have some control over, and that is our immune system. 

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