Cherry Pie

Find your inner peace with the help of our Cherry Pie cartridge. The medicinal cannabinoid CBD works closely with a flowery, fruity, and smoky terpene profile.

Linalool—found in the brilliant flower lavender— may help treat a wide range of physical and mental symptoms, including pain, aching, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. You’ll feel as amazing as lavender looks. Sweet and fruity Myrcene supports these effects, helping you feel relaxed.

Oregano-scented Terpinolene may remind you of your mother’s homemade pizza, but even your mother would seek its powerful medicinal benefits. This compound acts as an antimicrobial and an antioxidant, which may help support your body's natural defenses, and play a part in protecting you from diseases.

When you’ve come home from a long day and you feel like lighting a candle in the bathtub, choose this blend.

Check out the lab results below.