Girl Scout Cookies

Keep your mind sharp and your body relaxed with our Girl Scout Cookie cartridge. The medicinal cannabinoid CBD works closely with a woody, spicy, and hoppy terpene profile.

Caryophyllene—found in the pepper in your spice cabinet—provides the strongest medicinal effects. It reduces aching joints and pounding headaches today, while supporting your body's natural defenses that play a role in protecting you from cancer and inflammation.

Woody-smelling Pinene augments these effects, while also fighting depression and elevating your mood. This blend’s medicinal properties are tied together by the flowery Humulene. It supports the physical treatments while relieving pain and discomfort. If you’re ready to hike up new trails or open a new book, choose this blend.

Check out the lab results below. Be sure to visit our cannabinoid and terpene reports  that link to the actual research studies.