Vape Variety Set

Vape Variety Set


Introducing our Vape Variety Set. Not sure which terpene profile works best with your biochemistry? Try them all now for reduced cost. Don’t forget to get a battery if you need one. Click here to order a battery for $15.00.

100% Plant-derived Ingredients
260MG of CBD (Cannabidiol) in Every Cartridge
Featuring Organic Terpenes

Publically Available Lab Results for Every Product
Clearly Labeled Ingredient List and Benefits

No Pesticides
No Residual Solvents
No Synthetic Cannabinoids
No Artificial Flavoring or Coloring

Ingredients:  99.98% CBD Isolate, C8 MCT Oil, Organic Non-GMO Food Grade Terpenes, Cannabis Hemp Derived Terpenes

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As with all of our products we lab test them to make sure they are not only what they say they are but free of harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents.  Our Vape formulations begin with our Base oil and then the terpenes are added. Scroll down to see the lab results for the Base Oil. Click the links to see the Terpene and Cannabinoid Test results for each Terpene profile. 

Blue Dream

Cherry Pie


GSC (Girl Scout Cookies)


Our Base Vape Oil begins at 433.81 mg/ml of CBD