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The Greatest Wealth is Health - Virgil

Lock & key remedies

The Greatest Wealth is Health - Virgil

Welcome to our website, your home for PhytoCannabinoid and Terpene rich, Tinctures and Vape Oils.We will be sharing educational resources to explain the EndoCannabinoid System, Cannabinoids & Terpenes and how they work synergistic with each other. 

Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality plant-derived remedies, in the form of essential oils, targeting the EndoCannabinoid system.  We use reputable 3rd party laboratories to test our US-Grown Hemp Extracts for Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Residual Solvent.  Lock & Key Remedies products aim to set new standards in quality and effectiveness.

We offer a 90-day Money Back Guarantee* to all first time buyers and free shipping on orders over $100.00!!

So click the view our products button below and place your order! 

*See our Terms and Conditions of Service for more details

Customer Testimonials

Derek Cloutier

(Co-Founder of New England Veterans Alliance)

"I had such a great response from the Lock & Key Hemp oil.. after the 4 day campout on the commons in Boston at the rally, I was in a lot of pain the next day, I nearly slept 12hrs straight and when I woke up the pain was pretty bad. I took two droppers of the tincture and after 25mins, I started getting some clarity and pain started to subside. It also helped me fall back asleep as well. Great job!" 

Christina Empress

(DJ/Music Producer/Actress)

"Hi friends, after trying 3 different brands of Hemp CBD everyday for the past 7 months, I can happily say that Lock & Key Remedies is the absolute best! Have a look at their page for more info, this CBD is magical & gives me an amazing mood & energy lift. I can't recommend it enough; I love healing my body with it everyday"

Hope Marian

(Founder of Migraine Hope)

“I've been so impressed with Lock & Key Remedies, thank you for passing a bottle along. I savored it until yesterday. Truly, I can feel the difference.”

Rich Montplaisir

(Founder of New England Gourmet Provisions)

“Im quitting the ibuprofen, going with Lock & Key… I tried the .75ml of the 750mg bottle and it worked best … No buzz and no pain, actually made me feel better!!!! No ibuprofen in 2 days now!”

Fiona Walsh


"I've been dosing Lock & Key Remedies cbd oil since Friday and my back is finally beginning to improve. Helped too by stretches and moderate exercise but no prescription meds made even the slightest improvement to my pain two cents.#cbdoil"